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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Engineer finds way to pull diseases from blood using magnets | Futurism

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George Frodsham, a British scientist and engineer, has developed a way to remove unwanted cells from blood. This magical tool is a magnet. Frodsham had an idea and empirical question: if you can force magnetic nanoparticles to bind to specific cells, then shouldn’t you be able to do the same with unwanted cells in the blood? In practice, this treatment is like dialysis. Blood is filtered through a machine and uses magnets to remove the unwanted cells. Once the disease is relatively low, drugs can be administered to wipe out the remnants. United Kingdom’s Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency is in the process of approving the treatment technology. The clinical trial kickoff could be as soon as 2020, and will be tested on patients with malaria.

Source: https://futurism.com

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