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Saturday, May 8, 2021

New police tool wraps cord around body to subdue suspect | Live 5 WCSC

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Law enforcement agencies in Charleston, South Carolina have been testing out a new tool called the BolaWrap. The designing company said the device was created with the consideration for mentally ill and confused people. “A way that was more humane and a different approach to control their movement so that officers didn’t have to hurt them in order to get them help,” says the COO Mike Rothans. A green laser is used to help aim, followed by an eight-foot cord with hooks on the ends after the trigger is pulled. The Kevlar cord wraps around the suspect’s body or legs, restricting them. It has been used by other agencies, and results have been promising. Peoples’ lives have been saved when the BolaWrap was used. The goal is for everyone in a situation to be safe. It could be a game changer, so Charleston law enforcement will continue to test the tool.

Source: https://www.live5news.com

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