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‘Black Hawk Down’ veteran from Durand dies at age 64 | RR Star
Delta Force sniper Sgt. 1st Class James P. McMahon

‘Black Hawk Down’ veteran from Durand dies at age 64 | RR Star

James P. McMahon passed at the age of 64 November 5th, one of the survivors of the 1993 Battle of the Black Sea.  A Delta Force sniper at the time, Sgt. First Class James P. McMahon was described as looking like he was wearing a fright mask, his face so badly battered while pulling a fellow soldier free from the wreckage of a downed Black Hawk during the horrific 15 hour battle in the streets of Mogadishu.  The battle would later inspire the book and movie Black Hawk Down.  He was a recipient of the Purple heart and Silver Star of Valor for continuing to fight to protect his fallen comrades until reinforcements arrived, despite his severe wounds.  McMahon would go on to serve in the military for nearly three decades, retiring as a Sergeant-Major.  He has been a special operations instructor at Fort Bragg, NC since 2013.  Friends and family along with fellow soldiers and veterans laid McMahon to rest at St. Mary Catholic Cemetery in Durand.

Source:  https://www.rrstar.com/news/20191115/black-hawk-down-veteran-from-durand-dies-at-age-64








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