The Crossroads of Special Operations

Thursday, April 22, 2021

China’s Investments In Special Forces Are Paying Off In Deadly Ways | The National Interest

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Despite not having a commonplace in the media, Chinese special forces have been growing in size, sophistication and global reach.  They have streamlined their command structure and made training more realistic.  Ingenious Special Operations Soldier-2018 took place over the summer and was designed to test the levels of command. The Jiaolong (“Water Dragon”) has been more active recently by evacuating officials from the Yemen conflict in 2015 and recapturing a seized freighter in the Gulf of Aden.  China is also developing heavy lift transport.

“Although still in its early stages, PLAAF special forces units like the Leishen commandos have laid an important foundation for building a strong strategic deterrent and power projection capability.” – U.S. Army’s Foreign Military Studies Office

Source: https://nationalinterest.org

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