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‘Helping those who served together, heal together’  | Minot Daily News

‘Helping those who served together, heal together’ | Minot Daily News

The Foundation for Exceptional Warriors, The F.E.W., is a nonprofit organization that uses adventure to promote healing by uniting exceptional warriors who served in the military at no cost to the veterans. Exceptional warriors include Special Operations Forces, Ex-Prisoners of War, Purple Heart recipients and any recognized for valor from every era and any conflict. The F.E.W. is open to any gender who meets the criteria.

Daniel Haff, a foundation associate, said an adventure of The F.E.W. is not the most important part of an outing.  “In fact, we’ve been on several events where we didn’t catch that many fish or shoot that many ducks. It doesn’t matter. It’s getting together with people that know you – sometimes without knowing you – but you’ve been through the same thing. You’ve been through the same action and trauma that combat has to offer. I and most other guys kind of figure out after the fact how isolated that they felt and maybe not even realize it.”




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