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United Kingdoms Special Air Service History| Special Forces Units
By No 5 Army Film & Photographic Unit, Barker (Lt) - http://media.iwm.org.uk/iwm/mediaLib//39/media-39729/large.jpgThis is photograph B 15783 from the collections of the Imperial War Museums., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=30883537

United Kingdoms Special Air Service History| Special Forces Units

The idea for the Special Air Service came from Lieutenant David Stirling. Established in 1941, Stirling’s new idea was to have a small group of highly trained soldiers who could parachute into Axis territory during the night, wreak havoc, and then disappear before the enemy realized what was going on. The first SAS operation took place in North Africa where 55 soldiers parachuted into the desert during an extreme thunderstorm. Due to the terrible weather conditions, 34 men were killed. Some were unable to detach from their chutes and were dragged along the ground while others couldn’t land properly, leading to broken legs and backs. The following missions were successful however, with the LRDG driving the unit to its attack point during the day, and then conducting the raids at night. Men also parachuted behind enemy lines in France to assist the French resistance.

Source: https://specialforcesunits.com/united-kingdom-special-air-service-history/

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