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Was Fort Bragg the location of an exorcism in the 1980s? | Fayetteville Observer
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Was Fort Bragg the location of an exorcism in the 1980s? | Fayetteville Observer

An up-and-coming film will be based on the true story of Malachi Martin, a Fort Bragg soldier, who was supposedly brought in by the US government to perform exorcisms. The film is set to be a documentary complete with interviews with Martin himself who claims that you know “within the first 20 minutes” if an exorcism is real or not. In the documentary, Martin will be portrayed as Catholic, and the narrative will follow his life as he works at the Vatican and goes on to write 15 books, one of which addresses exorcism.

An acquaintance claimed the U.S. military was involved in “psychological warfare” in the 1980s and Lt. Col. David Decker, who reviewed one of Martin’s books regarding the Jesuits in the 90s, expressed that military thinkers should actually reflect on his work with great care.

“Are we being subjected in the process to a Soviet disinformation campaign in our own country meant to confuse us in terms of the realities of the conflict?  The Jesuits’ may prove to be the most eloquent and well-documented warning concerning a relatively new Soviet global strategy which has successfully incorporated Marxist revolutionary thought, Third World nationalism and disinformation in the West to the ultimate demise of our system of government,” Decker wrote.

 Source: https://www.fayobserver.com/news/20191026/was-fort-bragg-location-of-exorcism-in-1980s

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