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Special Forces issues have deep historic roots | The Strategist
Source: Navy Times

Special Forces issues have deep historic roots | The Strategist

While the public tends to focus on the unlawful acts of individual members of the Special Forces, there is much to be said about cultural drivers and decisions made by the chain-of-command historically. For Australia, the end of WWII saw the formation of its first special forces unit after Britain re-formed its Special Air Service. Australia’s 1st Special Air Services Company diverted from the goals of Britain’s simply due to different needs and legislative restrictions, but the real problems came when the command decided to base 1SAS in Perth. An elite unit developed that eventually took over the SASR and all units without offering a separate chain-of-command. This led to a slew of adaptability problems and an unwillingness for members to serve beyond the elite unit. This focus on elitism pulled away from a much-needed group culture to operate the way the government needed.

The way the Australian Special Forces formed and evolved led to a lack of nation-wide community engagement during war and a strain on members who were sent into missions too often to sustain their energy and resources. There also arose issues of certain units being much more qualified than others and a general lack of balance between troops. With this history in mind, it is important to consider the structure of the Special Forces when making allegations.

Source: https://www.aspistrategist.org.au/special-forces-issues-have-deep-historical-roots/

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