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Pentagon ask for tech help | Networks and Cyber
U.S. Marine Corps photo/Jose Villalobosrocha

Pentagon ask for tech help | Networks and Cyber

The Defense Department has indicated that it will soon be releasing a Request for Proposal to the private sector asking for ways to apply 5G network technology to the military and solve security problems. The whole process will begin with projects at four Defense Department instillations experimenting with VR training and mission planning, smart warehouses that track supplies using 5G networks, and dynamic spectrum sharing to communicate between different military sections. The idea of potentially time-sharing mid-band frequencies is the one that has received the most attention and will be the priority. In order to develop this idea further, the Defense Department has sought input from makers to microelectronics to major service providers. The experiments could allow the US to catch up to global leaders of the field.

Source: https://breakingdefense.com/

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