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Monday, November 29, 2021

JTF-2 operator pleaded guilty after stealing military gear and selling them online | SpecialOps.Org

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Cpl. Pedro Collier has brought scandal to the elite Canadian SOF unit JTF-2 after it was discovered that he stole military gear, including gun parts, and sold it online. He pleaded guilty to five different criminal charges and will soon face the consequences. So far, he has been suspended and will spend one year on probation, but the Canadian Armed Forces has yet to determine an appropriate response. Among the stolen items were C7 gun parts, a generator, batteries, clothing, ballistic sunglasses, and cleaning supplies which have since been returned.

Source: https://special-ops.org/52370/jtf-2-operator-pleaded-guilty-after-stealing-military-gear-and-selling-them-online/


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