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SOCOM Wants ‘Cyber-Secure’ Hyper-Enabled Operators | National Defense
Source: US Army

SOCOM Wants ‘Cyber-Secure’ Hyper-Enabled Operators | National Defense

SOCOM is examining how it can safely field technologies that will provide warfighters with capabilities such as improved situational awareness. While certain technology will improve the abilities of fighters, there is a constant concern about security as more adversaries build upon their own electronic warfare systems. Most of the technologies fall under commercial domain which means they are slightly more difficult to break down and adjust accordingly. Experiments are crucial right now as the US military prepares to meet with enemies who will attempt to jam their networks or hack their systems. SOCOM is considering simulating situations with no connectivity or communication.

 Source: https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2019/10/24/socom-wants-cyber-secure-hyper-enabled-operators

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