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JSOC deputy tapped to lead division-level 1st Special Forces Command during modernization period | Army Times 

Maj. Gen. John W. Brennan Jr. will oversee seven Special Forces groups, two psychological operations groups, a civil affairs brigade, and a sustainment brigade totaling 22,000 personnel overall. Brennan is stepping into the role during a transitional period for the Army’s Green Berets, wanting them to graduate from the Special Forces Qualification Course with a “better foundation of basic skills” that can be easily built upon. Instead of trying to train the soldiers to be able to do a bit of everything sort of well, they will focus on mastering comprehensive fitness, battlefield maneuvering, land navigation, and weapons expertise. Brennan will have to navigate the modernization of all of his forces as they shift how they operate abroad and tackle multi-domain battlefields. His strategy involves priming the battlefield before a conflict begins and attracting new partner nations through training.  

 Source: https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2019/10/24/jsoc-deputy-tapped-to-lead-division-level-1st-special-forces-command-during-modernization-period/ 


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