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Why China’s Commandos Are to Be Feared | National Interest
Source: Special Ops Org (Photo: Wiki)

Why China’s Commandos Are to Be Feared | National Interest

China’s special forces have been growing in size, sophistication, and global reach. The reworking happened just this summer after a comprehensive assessment that tested all levels of command. Their training is now based more in realism and the command is streamlined and effective. Videos of training units show them operating in a wide range of harsh environments, and while certain videos are propaganda, the abilities of the forces should not be taken lightly. China has a navy and air force special forces who have undergone similar training and participated in several international competitions. The national is also preparing to improve its transportation situation with mass production of small aircrafts. As China begins to stretch its muscles across the globe, it would be surprising if it didn’t use its Special Ops the way the US does by using small numbers of elite soldiers rather than large numbers of expensive — and politically sensitive — regular troops.

Source: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/why-chinas-commandos-are-be-feared-89746

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