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SBS: Trained to Tackle Asymmetric Threats | This Day Live
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SBS: Trained to Tackle Asymmetric Threats | This Day Live

At least 23 members of the Special Boat Service completed a sequence of training tailored around confronting new threats to the nation’s security. Nigeria’s special forces must be able to perform highly advanced operations and participate in unconventional warfare. The BOC Course is a straight 24 weeks of conditioning that members must complete in order to be considered capable operatives. The Course trains in physical fitness as well as land and maritime warfare. Most operative drop out during the physical conditioning phase due to its unreal intensity, but those who push through learn survival skills and face simulations for combat and missions. This year, 53 signed up for the BOC Course while only 23 completed it. The aim for the SBS training is to prepare members for asymmetrical threats and the responsibility of protecting the nation’s security.  

Source: https://www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/2019/10/14/sbs-trained-to-tackle-asymmetric-threats/ 

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