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Rethinking Food and Agriculture 2020-2030 | RethinkX

Rethinking Food and Agriculture 2020-2030 | RethinkX

This analysis focuses on the new technologies driving the transformation of the food and agriculture sectors and the inevitable implications for the cattle industry in the U.S.  A huge paradigm shift away from today’s world farming economy in favor of superior cheaper and more benign vat grown fermented food products is foreseen that will make conventional beef production non-competitive.

“We are on the cusp of the deepest, fastest, most consequential disruption in food and agricultural production since the first domestication of plants and animals ten thousand years ago.  This is primarily a protein disruption driven by economics.  The cost of proteins will be five times cheaper by 2030 and 10 times cheaper by 2035 than existing animal proteins, before ultimately approaching the cost of sugar. They will also be superior in every key attribute – more nutritious, healthier, better tasting, and more convenient, with almost unimaginable variety. This means that, by 2030, modern food products will be higher quality and cost less than half as much to produce as the animal-derived products they replace.”

Read the full report here:  Food and Agriculture Report

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