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Defence Minister Shoigu Sells Russia’s Military “Success Story” | ICDS

Defence Minister Shoigu Sells Russia’s Military “Success Story” | ICDS

Sergei Shoigu, for the first time in his seven years as the Minister of Defence in Russia, agreed to an interview where he explained his participation in all Russian military interventions. Russia’s military industrial complex drives the economy and moves the country to believe it must impress its way of operation on the western world. Shoigu did his job with this goal in mind. The minister wanted, above all, to transform combat readiness in all units which required total reorganization and modernized equipment. He believes his reform of the military has made Russia respectable by allies and enemies once again and is proud of Russian intervention in Syria.

However, military analysts are criticizing Shoigu and saying that he is wrong in believing the military is adequate at its current state. He also left out parts of his story, including the return to Soviet-style “cadre” divisions and the implementation of a useless command structure. Russia continues to desire far-reaching impact and better reform of its military. Shoigu’s interview doesn’t resolve or clarify Russia’s ambiguity, its secretive and conspiratorial spirit, and the real state of its armed forces.

Source: https://icds.ee/defence-minister-shoigu-sells-russias-military-success-story/

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