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China’s Cutting Edge Weaponry | International Policy Digest
International Policy Digest (Xinhua)

China’s Cutting Edge Weaponry | International Policy Digest

For the duration of rivalry between the US and China, the US has always had a military edge due to being a pioneer of weaponry. Last week, a display of weaponry at Beijing may just prove that China is catching up. During the 70th anniversary parade of the People’s Republic of China, old tactical weaponry is being replaced by stealthy drones, hypersonic cruise missiles, and special forces equipped with advanced helicopters and high-speed boats. With the capabilities of these weapons, the US should have no incentive to start conflict until they can produce a set of drones and missiles that are comparable. For now, there is time for the US to catch up, but China is proving itself to be on the same level as its rivals.

Source: https://intpolicydigest.org/2019/10/05/china-s-cutting-edge-weaponry/

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