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New Mayflower II forged with medals of Plymouth Veterans | Patriot Ledger

When the call went out to veterans for help casting a new bell for Mayflower II, Bob Davidson knew just what to donate.  A local Navy veteran who served aboard a minesweeper in the Vietnam War, Davidson turned over his Vietnam Service Medal and watched with pride as the rounded bronze medal was placed in a cauldron and melted into the stew that became the ship’s new bell. More than two dozen veterans participated in the casting ceremony.

Davidson rang the bell four times to signal all’s clear after the mold was broken and plans to visit the waterfront to give the bell another ring when Mayflower II returns home from repairs in Connecticut next spring.  “When the Mayflower comes back they will ring that bell and that bell will ring every day from now on,” Davidson said. “And that’s the part that I like.”

Source: https://www.patriotledger.com/news/20190917/new-mayflower-ii-bell-forged-with-medals-of-plymouth-veterans

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