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This Generation Knows the Cost | Sam Havelock | Founder, CEO, SOFX
Source: USA Today

This Generation Knows the Cost | Sam Havelock | Founder, CEO, SOFX

A handful of folks questioned why I didn’t publish anything special for 9/11.  I owe you an answer.  The answer is because the vast majority of our subscribers don’t need any reminder of what day it was.  9/11 was and remains the Pearl Harbor of our lives.  As such, we have been living with the legacy of 9/11 every day of the past 18 years.  9/11 created the conditions under which we would be asked to risk everything for this idea called democracy and a satisfaction called Vengeance, however un-Christian that statement may be and, for the record, I am a devout Christian. But there was a cost and many of us along with our families suffer that cost in a very intimate way and will continue to suffer that cost for the rest of our natural lives.  9/11 isn’t a second memorial day. To me it is a sad reminder of what happens when people don’t do their jobs, when people don’t take and confront the forces of evil in a committed and serious way. I was and remain committed to fighting evil and averting suffering for the rest of my life.  It was what I was born to do. SOFX is one instrument of that effort. I will end this with a quote I read once whose author I am unsure of: “Future generations will know the glory, this generation knows the cost.”

Sincerely, Sam Havelock – CEO, SOFX.

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