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Protecting Your Privacy in the Wake of FaceApp | Kiplinger

Protecting Your Privacy in the Wake of FaceApp | Kiplinger

A viral app that tranforms users faces into elderly versions of themselves has caused privacy concerns about data collection. FaceApp, whose developers are Russian, offers a privacy policy with vague language stating that photos are now owned by the company and can be reused. Without clear language, this gives the developers potential room to collect information and share it. It is recommended that apps offer information about policies in smaller forms instead of one blanket form when the user logs in. For example, Apple and Google use notifications that ask for permission to use certain features. 

Companies are also now offering to pay users in exchange for tracking their online activity. Depending on the type of tracking and the depth, this poses a threat to privacy, but most online services are already performing tracking of some kind. In order to protect themselves, consumers should consider how free apps make money and whether or not this exploits them. Be careful when giving permission to certain apps that ask for location or download a tracker blocker. It’s always a good idea to read the permissions before you use apps.

Source: https://www.kiplinger.com/article/saving/T057-C000-S002-solve-the-app-privacy-problem.html 

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