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Monday, May 10, 2021

Special OPS Gary V shares “How He Is Finding His Post-Service Identity” [Podcast] | Seattle Pi

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Gary Villanueva led a dual life – and one where he battled with his dual identity. His training in Special Operations is extensive –  Retired 1st Special Forces Group, Ft Lewis WA 1999 (Retiring rank: E-8 Master Sergeant, no combat tours).  He then became an Activated Retiree; Operation Enduring Freedom Iraq, 1st Special Forces Group 2008-2009 (in the rear with the gear, still no combat tour)

Finished 21 years of service in the United States Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran. Six years as a Special Forces Operations Sergeant coordinating detachment (1 year A-Team Operations Sergeant) and company operations. eight years as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant specializing in combat trauma management. six years as a Special Forces Engineer Sergeant specializing in military explosives, field (theater) construction, and fortifications.

Start the journey. Ask for help. Get a mentor. You’ll find you when you find your gift.

Read more by Michael Schindler and listen below:

Source: https://blog.seattlepi.com/militarywire/2019/08/27/special-ops-gary-v-shares-how-he-is-finding-his-post-service-identity/

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