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US Space Command resurrected | The Verge

US Space Command resurrected | The Verge

Originally created in 1985, the US Space Command has been brought back to life to prepare for the next domain of war – space.

The organization will be run by a four-star general and it will be responsible for setting military agenda and doctrine for space. The original Space Command was created back in 1985 and operated for nearly 20 years.  After 9/11, the US chose to focus on war fighting in North America.  Space Command was shuffled away until just a few days ago.  Now, it is a matter of building a Space Force to organize, train, and equip, as well as create a playbook of space related scenarios.

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/29/20837136/space-command-trump-administration-warfighting-dod-force

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