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Facial Recognition At U.S. Airports. Should You Be Concerned? | Forbes

Facial Recognition At U.S. Airports. Should You Be Concerned? | Forbes

Face recognition is coming to the top 20 airports in the US in 2021.  It’s part of a plan to protect our country from terrorist activities by scanning international passengers, including American citizens.  Are you concerned?

As it stands, facial recognition is already being used in the U.K. at passport stations and subway stations.  In fact it is common to be used as a mandatory identification.  So why the concern in the US?

Some argue that it defies the law.  Others are concerned that the technology is being rushed and it isn’t ready for mass use.  Then there is the matter of privacy.  16,300 flights per week – that is an extraordinary amount of personal data.  Who is governing the systems that store this data?  What security measures are being taken?  The US currently does not have laws regarding facial recognition, making systems vulnerable to abuse.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kateoflahertyuk/2019/03/11/facial-recognition-to-be-deployed-at-top-20-us-airports-should-you-be-concerned/#5a303ed07d48





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