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Commercial Satellites: Will They Be Military Targets? | Breaking Defense

Commercial Satellites: Will They Be Military Targets? | Breaking Defense

As the Pentagon and the Air Force hash out the future of both a new Space Force and the sort of new Space Command, military leaders are asking this question: what role will military space power  play in protecting commercial space assets?

“Does the Defense Department have the responsibility to protect commercial space, if that commercial space becomes part of our national [security] infrastructure?” Shawn Barnes, Air Force deputy principal  assistant for space, asked today during an event sponsored by the George Mason University’s National Security Institute and the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress.

The question has become more relevant to the national security space community, according to experts, as DoD and the Intelligence Community (IC) rush to figure out how to acquire space technology being pioneered by commercial companies. At the same time, they have to consider truly integrating commercial industry into national security space architectures via service contracts, hosted payloads and public-private partnerships.

Read more by Theresa Hitchens and Colin Clark below:

Source: https://breakingdefense.com/2019/07/commercial-satellites-will-they-be-military-targets/

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