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On the Tactical Games | Sam Havelock, CEO, SOFX 

On the Tactical Games | Sam Havelock, CEO, SOFX 

On June 22nd and 23rd I competed in the The Tactical Games (www.thetacticalgames.com) at South River Gun Club in Covington Georgia, not too far from Atlanta. The best way to describe The Tactical Games is Cross Fit meets Three Gun on obstacle courses moving heavy loads. Critical differences being its two gun and you ditch your shotgun in exchange for body armor with plates. The Tactical Games is the creation of Tim Burke, a former Army Special Forces soldier who served within the Special Mission Units. Tim’s bio is right here: https://thetacticalgames.com/meet-the-staff/. Tim’s vision was to in part create a type of competitive event that we routinely experience in the Special Operations Community.

I originally signed up for the very first Tactical Game that occurred in Mississippi, but blew my knee out getting ready for it. My only objective this time around was to finish and not be a danger to myself or others. I didn’t prepare much for the event other than to go the range and show up to jazzercise or whatever they are calling it at my local gym. My AR was malfunctioning so I had to borrow my friend’s AR which of course was a big mistake. No firearm malfunctions quite as brilliantly as a weapon in the hands of a person who doesn’t own it. Excuses aside, I got through all the battles (which is what each of the races are called) and didn’t quit. These are a few things I learned at the Tactical Games. I hope they serve you.

Source: On the Tactical Games | Sam Havelock, CEO, SOFX 

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