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Sunday, May 16, 2021

A $655M satellite ground system contract has led to a lawsuit |  C4ISRNET

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Peraton is suing the government over a $655 million, six-year contract to support the Air Force’s satellite ground systems.

The legal action comes on the heels of a June 11 Government Accountability Office decision that the massive contract had been awarded improperly to Engility Corporation in January, a decision that came about because of a protest Peraton had filed in March. With the Engility contract now set to end June 20—more than five years earlier than the Air Force expected—and the contract with current service provider Lockheed Martin due to expire July 5, the Air Force was in a bind. Service leaders claimed that Engility was the only company capable of continuing the work past that July 5 deadline, and on June 21 Air Force leaders awarded the company a potentially $40 million bridge contract that could last up to a year.

On June 26, Peraton filed a claim in federal claims court.

Source: A $655M satellite ground system contract has led to a lawsuit |  C4ISRNET

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