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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Exclusive: Riding with the Special Forces Brotherhood Motorcycle Club

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Special Forces, past and present, came to Washington, DC, on Sunday to participate in the annual Rolling Thunder ride, where thousands of motorcyclists ride to the Capitol and back to honor those taken prisoner of war or those missing in action.
The Special Forces Brotherhood Motorcycle Club, abbreviated as SFBMC in a patch over their hearts, came from around the country to participate in the solemn event and to catch up with one another, who they consider to be family.

They came from all over the country, from Fort Bragg in North Carolina and as far as from Yuma, Arizona. They were active and retired, young and old. Many came with wives and girlfriends. Some came by themselves. But all were amongst friends.

To become a member of the SFBMC is no easy task — candidates must earn their way in. There is a vetting process to become even a prospective candidate. Candidates must have worn the Special Forces tab honorably. Ultimately every member must approve the candidate’s entrance into the club.

At each grave, they reflected on the man they knew and loved, clearing throats, and furtively wiping away tears. They poured drinks for their friends. Sometimes they swapped funny stories.

Source: Exclusive: Riding with the Special Forces Brotherhood Motorcycle Club

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