The Crossroads of Special Operations

Thursday, June 17, 2021

SOCOM Pivots Toward Great Power Competition | Breaking Defense

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SOFIC: It took a handful of special operators four days and $7,000 to build a small remote control vehicle — complete with mapping abilities, infrared sensors and the capability to send a video feed back to their vehicle.

Defense industry execs had told them it would take 10 months and $1.7 million.

That was “unresponsive and [too] expensive” for the small SOCOM team, Gen. Richard Clarke, the newly-installed head of the Special Operations Command said here today. Instead of walking away from the idea and the mission, the operators “took stock of their own in-house skills and commercially available equipment and they filled their own system that fulfilled the requirement.”

The DIY project, which took place last month, helped the troops explore a small tunnel deemed too dangerous for a human, Clarke said.


Source: SOCOM Pivots Toward Great Power Competition | Breaking Defense

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