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Thursday, May 6, 2021

SAS soldiers on aid mission injured in roadside bombing | Express

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TWO BRITISH Special Forces soldiers deployed on a top-secret humanitarian mission in Yemen have been injured in a roadside bomb blast. The soldiers, members of the elite SAS regiment, were part of a joint US-UK mission to identify areas in which supplies can be dropped to starving refugees.

Both soldiers were in a 12-man coalition taskforce which flew into the wartorn country three weeks ago. The SAS is working alongside members of Operational Detachment Alpha, the primary fighting force for the Green Berets. Under US command, the heavily armed Special Forces team flew into Aden from Djibouti aboard a UAE Chinook helicopter and met UAE commanders before heading north-east in unmarked pick-up trucks. A large part of the east of country is controlled by anti-government Houthi rebels, including the vital port of Hudaydah – where Saudi Arabia has prevented humanitarian vessels landing supplies.

Source: SAS soldiers on aid mission injured in roadside bombing | Express


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