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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Adventure Junky App Announces ‘Peak Experiences of 2019’ | Adventure Travel News

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Eco-traveller app Adventure Junky today announced its ’50 Peak experiences of 2019.’ Curated by Adventure Junky co-founders Nigel Malone and Fuchsia Sims, the list is their take on the coolest, greenest travel experiences on the planet.

From stand up paddleboarding the Amazon, digging for dinosaurs in Alberta, silent whale watching under the northern lights, to the world’s southernmost trek in Tierra del Fuego, Adventure Junky’s ’50 Peak experiences of 2019’ will make even the most seasoned traveller rethink their next adventure.

The ’50 Peak’ list is also acknowledgment and praise for those featured Operators and Destinations leading the way in sustainable travel. Each one has put care for the environment and communities they operate in at the forefront of their thinking and actions – be it conserving habitat to eliminating single-use plastic to offering 100% carbon neutral travel.

“Our ’50 Peak’ represent the future of travel and tourism – a snapshot of an industry that works not only to enhance the traveller’s personal wellbeing, but equally that of the people and places they visit. We encourage all travellers to get behind the operators and destinations you see in our ‘Peak 50’ and put them first in your travel choices,” said Fuchsia Claire Sims, Co-Founder of Adventure Junky.

Source: Adventure Junky App Announces ‘Peak Experiences of 2019’ | Adventure Travel News

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