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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Navy SEAL Allegedly Bragged About Killing up to 200 People in Iraq | Daily Beast

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A Navy SEAL charged with several war crimes, including the murder of a wounded teen in Mosul, allegedly bragged that he killed up to 200 people while deployed, according to the Los Angeles Times. Edward Gallagher, a chief special warfare operator, is expected to go on trial Feb. 19 and seven other SEALs were given immunity in exchange for their testimony. Gallagher’s lawyers want the judge to keep some of these witnesses’ expected testimony on his alleged discussion of other killings out of court, arguing it would be too prejudicial. The teen allegedly was a combatant for ISIS. Witnesses told officials investigating the teen’s killing that Gallagher bragged about killing a couple hundred people during his year-long deployment. One witness claims that Gallagher said he killed “three a day,” instructing him to “do the math” to obtain the total, per the newspaper. Gallagher also stands charged with shooting two civilians, a little girl and elderly man, and firing indiscriminately at civilians while overseas.

Source: Navy SEAL Allegedly Bragged About Killing up to 200 People in Iraq | Daily Beast



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