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Sunday, May 16, 2021

SAS soldiers BANNED from wearing skull badge as it ‘looks like SS death head’ | Mirror

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SAS soldiers have been banned from wearing skull badges on their uniforms because it looks too much like the ‘death head’ emblem worn by Adolf Hitler’s SS.

The ‘Punisher’ motif was adopted by special forces troops after serving with US Navy Seals in Iraq.

But now the crack soldiers – who are awarded the badge after their first ‘kill’ – have reportedly been told by commanders to remove them.

It has sparked a furious response from the elite troops who have slammed the decision as another example of ‘political correctness’, the Daily Star reported.

A source quoted by the publication said a complaint had been made to senior officers at a base in Hertfordshire when top brass visited the regiment.

They said: “The SAS are expected to undertake incredibly dangerous missions around the world.

“They are professional killers – that’s the job. So what if they wear a skull on their uniform.”

The source added the order had gone down “really badly” among the soldiers – particularly those in G Squadron – but said not all troops were wearing the skulls.

Source: SAS soldiers BANNED from wearing skull badge as it ‘looks like SS death head’ | Mirror


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