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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Being SOF Operator is ‘nearly as tough as being a mum’ | Specs Ops Magazine

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Petra ‘Pam’ Malm is a former special forces soldier from Sweden. Once upon a time, she was the first female in the world to pass special forces selection and become a World’s first Special Forces female operator. Today, a 41-year-old female is contesting on Channel 4’s TV show named SAS: Who Dares Wins. In this TV show, civilians are going through gruel training in extreme weather conditions. The fourth season is filmed in the snowy Andes in Chile.

Petra Malm told her story in front of cameras and restored the popularity she had a long time before after she passed selection. She served in the Special Forces equivalent of the Navy SEAL in her home country after becoming the first female in the world to do so. Highly trained and super tough, she risked her life in Afghanistan eight times.

Pam was the pioneer of female warriors serving in the elite units in the world. It was in 2007. In an exclusive interview for the British Sun, she revealed: “I felt very proud to be the first woman to join. I passed the same tests as the men. Nobody could push me down. I ran as fast as they could, I carried the bags as long as they did and that was really important.”

As far as Petra is concerned, admitting females to the world’s toughest military units is a no brainer.

Source: Being SOF Operator is ‘nearly as tough as being a mum’ | Specs Ops Magazine

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