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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Indicted Lawmaker Defends Navy SEAL Charged with Premeditated Murder | Military.com

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Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-California, said he is skeptical of the charges brought against a Navy SEAL accused of killing an Islamic State fighter, among other war crimes, and has called for better treatment of the special operator while he remains confined.

Hunter said Friday that the case of Chief Special Warfare Operator Edward Gallagher must be independent of the Navy’s justice system and President Donald Trump should review the case himself.

Hunter, who represents California’s 50th Congressional District, has not been immune to scandal himself.

Hunter won re-election in November despite facing a criminal indictment involving allegations of misusing campaign funds for personal expenses.

Hunter and his wife, Margaret, allegedly used campaign funds — roughly $250,000 — to pay for groceries, bar tabs, vacations in Italy and London, dentist bills, golf shorts and school tuition for their children.

The 48-page federal indictment filed in August lists 60 counts of misuse of campaign donor money, including labeling a personal purchase as a donation to help wounded veterans.

Hunter’s trial is set to begin in September.

Source: Indicted Lawmaker Defends Navy SEAL Charged with Premeditated Murder | Military.com


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