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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Justice to Probe if Zinke Lied to Investigators | VOA News

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His personal conduct and executive decisions have raised questions about whether he used his position for personal gain, triggering at least 15 investigations, several of which cleared him of wrongdoing.

Served for almost two years

The former Republican congressman from the western state of Montana, who has served as Interior Secretary for almost two years, left just weeks before Democrats took control of the House.

As head of the Interior Department, which oversees federal land and wildlife, Zinke helped lead the Trump administration’s successful roll-back of environmental regulations. He also promoted U.S. energy development, but questions about his conduct dogged him throughout his term.

Zinke also drew criticism for mixing official business with political campaigning and family travel. The IG’s office said, in an investigation it released in October, that Zinke had staffers explore designating his wife an agency volunteer so that she could travel with him at taxpayers’ expense. Some of the taxpayer-funded trips were taken to the U.S. Virgin Islands, an Alaska steakhouse and a Montana ski resort.

Source: Justice to Probe if Zinke Lied to Investigators | VOA News


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