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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Top U.S. commander in Afghanistan sees peace opportunity in 2019 | Reuters

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The top U.S general in Afghanistan told NATO troops on Tuesday to prepare themselves to deal with “positive processes or negative consequences” as peace talks between the U.S. and the Taliban to end a 17-year war gain momentum.

General Scott Miller, who commands U.S. forces and the NATO-led non-combat Resolution Support (RS) mission in Afghanistan reiterated the need for a political settlement to end the conflict.

“Peace talks (are) out there, regional players pressing for peace, the Taliban talking about peace, the Afghan government is talking about peace,” Miller told dozens of NATO soldiers who had gathered at RS headquarters in Kabul for an exercise session.

Dressed in gym gear, Miller participated in a 60-minute open-air morning workout of sprints, squats, burpees and push-ups.

He did not comment on reports that the United States was considering pulling out almost half of the 14,000-strong force currently deployed in Afghanistan.

Source: Top U.S. commander in Afghanistan sees peace opportunity in 2019 | Reuters


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