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Saturday, June 12, 2021

The US Navy’s surface fleet: Here’s what’s ahead in 2019 | Defense News

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The U.S. surface fleet has a big year in store for 2019, and we’re going to start getting more details very soon on what the future has in store for surface warriors.

But surface leadership has been dropping clues on where things are going. Here’s a handy reference guide for heading into January’s Surface Navy Association annual symposium and for what the fleet has up its sleeve for the coming months.

The Chief of Naval Operations’ Surface Navy Director Rear Adm. Ron Boxall forecast what was on his mind at a recent training and simulation conference in Orlando.

The focus for Boxall and the N96 shop will be to get more sensors and weapons into the battlespace, distributed and networked, so that a smaller number of larger warships can act as command and control for smaller units.

“If you think about what we are trying to do with the surface force, we have large and small surface combatants that will [ultimately make up part of the 355-ship Navy] but we have no requirement for unmanned surface vessels right now, which I see as an absolutely critical part of distributed lethality, distributed maritime operations environment that we are moving into,” Boxall said. “Ultimately I need more nodes out there.”

Source: The US Navy’s surface fleet: Here’s what’s ahead in 2019 | Defense News


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