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SOFX Expert Review: Century Arms M92 | LTC (R) Jim Lechner

SOFX Expert Review: Century Arms M92 | LTC (R) Jim Lechner

The M92 Zastava PAP by Century Arms is a reliable, effective and exotic pistol that can fill a variety of requirements.  Imported by Century Arms from Yugoslavia, the AK47 platform brings with it a reputation built on decades of reliable performance on the modern battlefield.  The M92 PAP is based upon the AK47 but reduced in size, similar to the Soviet paratrooper variant.  Sold with no stock and a 10-inch barrel, the M92 meets the legal requirements for classification as a pistol while offering the power and versatility of the legendary 7.62×39 caliber.  Simple upgrades of an aftermarket arm brace and krinkov-style muzzle brake are extremely easy to install and greatly enhance the weapon while not affecting its legal classification as a pistol. 

For self-defense, predator control, or sport range shooters the 7.62×39 cartridge offers one of the most effective rounds available.  The simple yet robust design of the AK47 platform ensures reliability under almost any conditions.  A personal note on the reliability of the AK47 platform comes from my time advising an Iraqi Army unit in 2003.  During training exercises over a three-month period, the Iraqi soldiers fired nearly a half a million rounds thru their AK47s without any mechanical issues — or the use of lubrication.  Another advantage of the M92 is ammunition capacity.  The Century Arms M92 is sold with one standard 30 round steel magazine and accepts any magazine used by the AK47, including 75 round drums.   

For those used to firing the AK47 with its relatively sharp recoil and barrel rise, the M92 is surprisingly smooth and controllable, especially when using the arm brace and muzzle brake.  The 10-inch barrel gives the pistol excellent accuracy and shot groups.       

Some of the disadvantages of the M92 are its size, weight, and ergonomics.  This is definitely not the best choice for a concealed carry pistol.  Although greatly reduced in length from the standard AK47 rifle, the M92 retains much of the size and weight of the basic platform.  Additionally, the robust steel construction makes this a heavy and bulky pistol.  While the arm brace and krinkov muzzle brake greatly enhance shooting, they also significantly add to the size and bulk of the M92. 

Another disadvantage is the ergonomics of the AK47 platform.  Those who are used to the AR15 platform or most NATO weapons rely on having a safety switch that is easily accessible with the firing hand and that can be manipulated with minimal movement while firing.  This is not the case with the M92, which employs the standard AK47 safety selector lever on the upper right side of the pistol.  To manipulate the safety lever the right-handed shooter must first remove their hand from the trigger and pistol grip.

While not ideal for every scenario, such as concealed carry, overall the Century Arms M92 Zastava PAP is an excellent choice, especially for self defense or hunting.  The unique design provides military assault weapon performance while meeting the legal classifications and legal carry requirements of a pistol.  Its reliability and versatility provide a great option for those with requirements from security to sport range shooting.

LTC (R) Jim Lechner BIO

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