Rajasthan: Indo-US military drill begins at Mahajan Range | DNA
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Rajasthan: Indo-US military drill begins at Mahajan Range | DNA

The annual Indo-US joint military training exercise – Vajra Prahar – started from Monday at Mahajan Field Firing Ranges. A contingent of one officer and ten other ranks from the Special Forces Group of the United States Pacific Command arrived at Mahajan Field Firing Ranges on November 18 for undertaking joint training with the Indian Special Forces.

The American Special Forces will carry out 12 days rigorous joint training in semi desert and rural terrain with an aim to enhance the interoperability of the two armed forces and further the military to military co-operation. The contingents will train on aspects such as hostage rescue, building intervention, desert survival, medical aid and combat firing. At the end of the joint training, the Special Forces will undertake a three days outdoor exercise to validate their best practices. Meanwhile, on the first day (19 November) of the exercise the United States Pacific Command troops carried out visit to the training area followed by zeroing of their personal weapons. Notably, the bilateral exercise is aimed at promoting military relations between India and the United States of America. The special forces exchange ideas and tactics over the challenges set during the course of the exercise and develop joint strategies by sharing expertise and experience of conducting operations in a counter insurgency and counter terrorism environment.In 2017, the exercise was held in Jodhpur. Interestingly, in January this year a team of Indian Army traveled to Seattle in US where the exercise was held. That time the exercise was focused on special operations in urban areas. India offers a multitude of terrains where any modern day army would want to train its personnel. Right from the glacial terrain and mountainous terrain of the Himalayas, to the terai landscape and the jungles of North-eastern parts of India, to the plains of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to the deserts and rocky terrains of Rajasthan to the rann and marshy areas of Gujarat and the topography of Eastern and Western Ghats to coastal terrain, the challenges are plenty in every terrain and thus these exercises are held at various places over the years to hone the skills of the officials.

Source: Rajasthan: Indo-US military drill begins at Mahajan Range | DNA