Britain’s Secret War in Colombia | JACOBIN
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Britain’s Secret War in Colombia | JACOBIN

British military and police intervention in Colombia supplemented decades of US-sponsored political violence in the country.

During the 1960s, the United States began training the Colombian armed forces in counterinsurgency warfare. In an ostensible attempt to arrest the spread of international communism, US officials instructed the Colombian armed forces to target armed and unarmed actors suspected of harboring communist sympathies.

Accordingly, US counterinsurgency manuals stated that “civilians in the operational area” such as trade unionists, students, and community organizers could be targeted with “guerrilla warfare, propaganda, subversion, [… and] terrorist activities.” This tactic became known as “quitarle el agua al pez,” or “draining the tank” to catch the fish.

Source: Britain’s Secret War in Colombia | JACOBIN