AFSOC’s U-28 Proves Its Value in ISR Mission |

AFSOC’s U-28 Proves Its Value in ISR Mission |

Even as the Pentagon leverages new high-end technologies for potential battles against near-peer rivals, officials say special operations forces flying manned intelligence-gathering planes still have a role to play.

The U-28A aircraft, for example, has intrinsic value in today’s ongoing counterterrorism operations, officials said.

The intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission is “not platform-centric, for one. … It is exquisite for both ends of the spectrum,” said Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson, referring to both high and low-end capability.

“You can see there are places in the world where we enable our allies and partners to be able to train and use those kind of capabilities,” she said. recently accompanied Wilson on a tour of Air Force Special Operations Command here.

Source: AFSOC’s U-28 Proves Its Value in ISR Mission |

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