Denmark pulls special forces out of Iraq | Reuters

Denmark pulls special forces out of Iraq | Reuters

Denmark said on Thursday it would pull around 60 special forces from Iraq, as most areas once controlled by Islamic State have been liberated.

The gradual pull-back will conclude in late autumn, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Denmark will still have around 180 military personnel posted to the al-Asad air base in Iraq, and contribute to radar surveillance as part of an international coalition fighting the Islamist militant group.

Source: Denmark pulls special forces out of Iraq | Reuters 

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  1. Rare photo of Denmark’s elite “Squadron de Eléfant” SpecOps team… a specialized maritime unit comprised of soldiers who have been hybridized with African Elephants, enabling them to work underwater using their trunks as snorkels instead of cumbersome SCUBA or rebreathers.

    These men are absolutely fearless in battle (so long as there are no mice involved.)
    And they work for peanuts.

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