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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Inducting Navy SEAL Dan Izzo into NYS Senate Veterans Hall of Fame | Times Union

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Proud today to induct Mayfield resident Daniel Izzo, who is the Fulton County Undersheriff, into the New York State Senate Veterans Hall of Fame for his courageous service as a decorated former U.S. Navy SEAL.

As an elite U.S. Navy SEAL, Izzo served for 28 years retiring as a Master Chief having completed a dozen major combat deployments to a variety of countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Liberia. Izzo has earned over 50 combined service awards, most notably two Bronze Star Medals, one with the combat “V” distinction for valor and three separate Combat Action Awards.

Izzo was selected as one of just 22 Navy SEALs to participate in a pilot program that laid the ground work for how the SEALs would fight the Global War on Terror. This program involved sending two-man teams into foreign countries that had a strong Al-Qaeda presence. Many of the missions Izzo participated in still remain highly classified.

Source: Inducting Navy SEAL Dan Izzo into NYS Senate Veterans Hall of Fame | Times Union

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