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Commando Force Grows by 4,000 in 9 Months | DVIDS News
NATO photo by Master Sgt. Felix Figeroa

Commando Force Grows by 4,000 in 9 Months | DVIDS News

Commando Qualification Course (CDOQC) Class 24 graduated 980 new Commandos at the Afghan National Army Special Operations Command’s School of Excellence, Kabul, Afghanistan, May 9, 2018. This graduation marked the achievement of a significant force growth milestone as established in President Ashraf Ghani’s Afghan 2020 Roadmap.

Introduced in Aug. 2017, the Afghan 2020 Roadmap called for a doubling of the Commando force, an increase of nearly 12,000 special operators over four years. The addition of 4,000 Commandos in nine months illustrates the commitment of the Afghan National Army to support the long-term development of its elite ground force.

ANASOC Corps Commander Lt. Gen. Bismillah Waziri charged the graduating class with safeguarding Afghans and Afghanistan against anti-government factions.

“This is a huge responsibility. You are the best Afghanistan has to offer against dark forces like the Taliban and IS-K,” Waziri stated. “Because of you, many sleep well at night knowing you are now their defenders.”

Source: Commando Force Grows by 4,000 in 9 Months | DVIDS News

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