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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Special forces, attack aviation strike behind enemy lines at Combined Resolve X | DVIDS

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U.S. Army Green Berets assigned to 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and attack aviation helicopters assigned to the 227th Aviation Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division conducted missions to engage targets deep in enemy territory during exercise Combined Resolve X here.

The ability to operate far from friendly lines is a core capability for special operation forces.

“Something that SOF elements are experts at is doing deep reconnaissance,” said a senior communications sergeant assigned to 19th SFG(A). “We can take the conventional forces mission further and deeper. Their forward observers can only push out so far from friendly lines, and we are able to go in as far as the commander needs us to.”

Combined Resolve is a bi-annual U.S. Army Europe-led exercise series that is designed to give U.S. and NATO combat brigades in Europe the opportunity to train within a joint, multinational environment. For CBR X, the 19th SFG(A) used the opportunity to validate and assess their command’s ability to operate within a large conventional multinational force.

Source: Special forces, attack aviation strike behind enemy lines at Combined Resolve X | DVIDS

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