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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Special Operators Predict AC-130J Will Be ‘Most Requested’ Aircraft | Military.com

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That’s the sound America makes when she’s angry.”

That’s how Col. Tom Palenske, commander of the 1st Special Operations Wing, characterized the AC-130 gunship after two aircraft fired hundreds of rounds from their 40mm and 105mm cannons and 25mm Gatling gun in the skies above A-77, a range specially made for target practice.

Palenske, also the installation commander here, says crews can’t wait for the next best thing: the AC-130J Ghostrider.

“It’s going to be awesome. It’s our big gun truck. It’s going to have more powerful engines, a more efficient fuel rate, and also has a more precise fuel capability so you know exactly how much gas you’ve got on board,” he said.

Palenske caught up with Military.com during a tour of Air Force Special Operations Command aircraft and a live-fire training exercise on ranges used by Hurlburt and neighboring Eglin Air Force Base as part of Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson’s recent trip to AFSOC.

Source: Special Operators Predict AC-130J Will Be ‘Most Requested’ Aircraft | Military.com

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