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Former NAVY SEAL Dan Izzo, a real American hero | Times Union
Dan Izzo

Former NAVY SEAL Dan Izzo, a real American hero | Times Union

Today at the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office annual appreciation breakfast held by Sheriff Richard Giardino and his staff, I had the privilege of honoring a true American hero, Mayfield resident Daniel Izzo, who is the Fulton County Undersheriff, with the New York State Senate Liberty Medal – the Senate’s highest honor – for his courageous service as a decorated former U.S. Navy SEAL.

Fulton County Undersheriff Daniel Izzo is the real deal. He’s a patriot who time after time put his life on the line as a U.S. Navy Seal in some of the most dangerous places on Earth to keep our nation safe and free and protect our very way of life.

As an elite U.S. Navy SEAL, Izzo served for 28 years retiring as a Master Chief having completed a dozen major deployments to a variety of countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Liberia. Izzo has earned over 45 combined service awards, most notably two Bronze Star Medals, one with the combat “V” distinction for valor and three separate Combat Action Awards.

Source: Former NAVY SEAL Dan Izzo, a real American hero | Times Union

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