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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Multinational airborne Rangers exchange wings at Joint Warfighting Assessment | DVIDS News

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The jump was an added bonus to the training the two units had been conducting as part of the Joint Warfighting Assessment, a massive training exercise involving more than 4,800 troops from 10 partner nations conducted at Hohenfels and Grafenwoehr training areas. The objectives of the assessment were three-fold – training readiness, future force development, and interoperability with allies in a resource-constrained environment.

“Today, we conducted a foreign-wing-exchange jump today, sort of exercising the airborne component unique to both of our organizations,” explained Capt. Kyle Payne, commander of Company B, 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. “In a total of 10 days, we packed a lot of training in there, and I think both of us got a lot out of it.”
The two groups of Rangers jumped side by side from a CH-47 Chinook helicopter. As dusk fell on Grafenwoehr, Rangers from both nations gathered for a small, private ceremony to observe the time-honored tradition of pinning their country’s jump wings on the chest of their foreign allies.

Source: Multinational airborne Rangers exchange wings at Joint Warfighting Assessment | DVIDS News

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