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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

DIUx wants drones that are out for blood | C4ISRNET

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For drone delivery to make sense, with existing capabilities of drones, the cargo needs to be relatively light, it needs to have tremendous value, and it needs to urgently travel the last mile by air. This is why, to the extent we’ve seen drones used for delivery in the wild, it’s more likely as a means to carry contraband into a prison than it is a practical alternative to the postal service.

But there’s one other cargo that fits the description, and that’s blood itself.

Defense Innovation Unit Experimental, the Pentagon’s stand-up Silicon Valley-focused acquisition house, is looking for a drone that can carry a modest cargo of blood, through the dark of night toward where it’s most needed. Call it “Dronesferatu.”

Source: DIUx wants drones that are out for blood | C4ISRNET

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