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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Commandos Add Firepower with Cobra Strike Battalions | DVIDS News

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The Afghan National Army Special Operations Corps (ANASOC) introduced Afghanistan, and the world, to its newest formation, the Cobra Strike Kandak (CSK), at the inaugural Cobra Strike Maneuver Course (CSMC) class’ live fire exercise at Pol-e Charki, April 30.

“The Afghan people have only one goal…it is peace,” said Lt. Gen. Abdul Hamid, Afghan National Army Deputy Chief of Staff. “Everyone across the country and in government know Commandos are strong and have good morals to defeat the enemy. The majority of achievements are by commandos. They see our progress. The process is going well and will be complete by 2020. We will reach our goal, step by step.”

To become part of the 6th Cobra Strike Kandak, soldiers were selected from a conventional Afghan National Army Mobile Strike Kandak and had to pass the 14-week Commando Qualification Course to earn a slot at the Cobra Strike Maneuver Course. The three-month Cobra Strike Maneuver Course tested the Commandos’ mastery of combat maneuver skills in Mobile Strike Force Vehicles (MSFV).

Mobile Strike Force Vehicles (MSFV) are both heavily armored and mine-resistant.

Source: Commandos Add Firepower with Cobra Strike Battalions | DVIDS News

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